3 PR Strategies to Implement Yourself to Gain Clients: Get Specific

No matter whether you choose to create an integrated marketing campaign, or marketing, advertising, or publicity to create new business, you must plan and prepare to target potential customers.

In the age of advertising overexposure a business must examine its business plan at least annually and plan accordingly to their standings, the economy, and market.


Define Your Market

  • Who uses your product or services?
  • Who does it apply to?
  • What is the economic background of your ideal customer base?
  • What are their activities? What are their hobbies?
  • How can you capture your ideal customers’ attention?
  • How can you make the event or offer special for this specific market?

Research Your Customers

If you were on the game show “Millionaire” and were asked questions about your customers how far would you go?

Create Experiences

American Express

Even though American Express was founded in 1850 they are advancing their reach.  Their ideal customer base are upscale females, “Fashionistas”, whose hobby is shopping.  The “must attend” event of shopping is New York Fashion Week. As a sponsor, they are provided a treat to their card carrying members, who are able to attend sold out fashion shows and proceeds benefit a fashion industry non-profit. Besides building awareness, what is this status credit card company doing? They are creating experiences for their target market.

Study other businesses which are successful whose actions you admire. Who else creates a special experience?

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