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Market Survival Tactic: Listen to your market and deliver

How many times have you been frustrated with a business or industry that is out of touch with their industry, current customers, or are clueless to their demographic? Unfortunately, it’s probably too many to count.

Then, there are businesses that forge new paths and still are thriving years later. Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

One of those leaders s Disney.

Of course, Disney has been a leader in the animation, movie, film, and amusement ride industries. They also defined the customer service industry.

Give your potential customer a unique experience they want.

Within Epcot’s Innoventions pavilion is “Sum of All Thrills”, where kids design their own roller coaster, bobsled track or plane ride. Where most companies would have ended the unique opportunity there they expanded it. Then, kids are able to experience their own design on a giant robotic arm simulator.

A strong company looks to others, including those outside their industry for ideas.

The exhibit’s sponsor is Raytheon, a high-tech defense contractor. What is the connection for Raytheon and kids? Oddly enough Disney is thinking ahead. They want to get kids interested in math and science. The kids simply want to have fun, but unknowingly could be budding engineers.

“Our aim is to show kids how math and engineering make the things they care about really come to life and happen,” said Kristin Hilf, vice president of Raytheon public affairs, according to The Associated Press.

Mickey’s boss and other amusement parks, as well as zoos, are taking cues from the video and museum industry. Personalization and interaction is in high-demand.

Their educational fun doesn’t end there. On Raytheon’s web site, children are able to work mathematical and science problems at home. This experience allows children to understand math and science in “real world” situations, allowing comprehension and enhancing learning.

Universal Studio’s “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit,” lets riders create their own amusement ride music to listen to on their ride.

Walt Disney World is capitalizing on the video game explosion. Disney added a twist to an old favorite, Space Mountain, called CyberSpace Mountain, which allows riders to create their own virtual ride.

Think outside the box. Create a partnership.

Look for stable businesses outside your industry where you share the same demographic. What are they doing right that you could do? Or, how could you two work together?

Give your potential customer a unique experience and establish a strategic alliance with others outside your industry can boost both of your businesses.

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