Our Approach

It is our philosophy to capitalize on the best practices to make IMPACT, which is why we incorporate public relations and marketing into our programs. Our client-focused

5-step Strategic Advantage Approach allows us to manage the changing communications and marketing industries.


I. Review

In this assessment stage we gain a broad insight into your business, your situation, marketing, communications efforts, and business goals. You will learn how your problems can be solved. You want your business to thrive and it is our mission to help your business soar to new heights!


II. Research

Research is vital to a company’s image and growth. We carefully research our client’s brand and market before crafting a personalized strategic plan. We examine all aspects and define the audience to create a customized solution.


III. Strategic Planning and Implementation

We believe in an integrated marketing approach, which provides a wider avenue to reach and engage prospects and customers. In the strategizing stage we design an effective promotional program catered to your objectives.


IV. Monitoring

We track, monitor, and measure of each campaign to obtain optimum results.


V. Measurement and Adjustment

Currently there is no universal accepted standard for public relations and social media measurement. Therefore, we propose a combination of tactics and set measureable objectives in agreement with the general goals of the business.