Why Select Us

IMPACT Marketing and Public Relations provides customized solutions that make an IMPACT. It is our integrity, dedication, creativity, thorough analysis and results that clients love. We are a regular resource for clients, and we use our connections to develop strategic partners for them.

Common Issues that Cause Business Owners to Turn to a Marketing and PR Pro
On your website or brochure, is the content messaging unclear on who you solve problems and who you do it?

Are you marketing to the masses instead of reaching your ideal demographic market?

Is the website easy to read and user-friendly, or is it rarely updated with new and exciting content?

Online Marketing Tools:
Are social media and other online marketing tools used effectively to increase visibility and foster prospects to take action?

Customer Retention:
Is there too little or inconsistent concentration of communication with past and current clients to nourish relationships and retain loyal raving fans?

Time and Productivity:
Do you have great ideas to boost business but too little time and resources to implement?

Lead Generation:
Would you like to conduct high-impact marketing and public relations campaigns?

How You Could Benefit from Our Services:

  • ESTABLISH Top-of-Mind Awareness
  • BUILD and Maintain Customer Loyalty
  • ACQUIRE Direct Access to Potential Market
  • INCREASE Visibility to Build Credibility
  • ENHANCE Client Relationship Management for Competitive Advantage
  • DRIVE Traffic to Website
  • GAIN Clarity on Messaging
  • EFFECTIVELY use of Social Media to Engage with Prospects and Clients
  • GAIN Sound Business Counsel
  • INCREASE Connections and Influencers
  • OBTAIN Peace-of-Mind Knowing an Expert is Tending to your Needs
  • BE More Productive instead of Attempting to Market Your Business Yourself
  • FREE Estimates to Determine Business Needs that Align with Goals
  • CHOICE of Service Packages to Fit Needs and Be in Control of the Process
  • QUICKER Results from an Award-winning Certified Professional


In this 30-minute get-to-know-you session we will gain a broad insight into your business, your situation, marketing and communications efforts, and business goals. You will learn how your problems can be solved. You want your business to thrive and it is our mission to help your business soar to new heights!